• We kept designing, building. So coming 2019 we will set sail our newest model : The Zinder 990. Pushing borders, spacious and smart. An innovative cover, and a big deck with a central steering position. Because it seemed sympathetic that the person sailing is part of the whole. What else? Smooth lines, designed using intelligence and powered by a hybrid motor ready

  • Once again we are on our way, because however special the HISWA TE WATER may be our place is on the water. But dont worry, our enthousiasm and brandingstory stays ashore. In printing, with good context and beautiful pictures. So beautiful in fact, that weve made sure that you can quickly download our story right here. The boat, the experience and the builder. Have a

  • Every inch a boat, that's the story behind Zinder. It’s a story about the drive to fuse design, comfort and stability. Obviously, this is a drive that never ceases. A case in point, here’s our new and improved version of the Zinder880. Experience this scoop during @hiswatewater, see you

  • 27 February 2019

    HISWA 5 to 9 September

    We’re always out there on the water and will only step ashore for special occasions. Such as HISWA te water 2018 (Lelystad, the Netherlands, 5 - 9 September). Wonder how to find us among all those boats, boat builders and boating fans? Try the booth where many people will be gathered trying to catch a glimpse of our new and improved Zinder880. Also, be sure not to