A stylish all-rounder

More space, more people, more boat. The ultimate experience for those who like to switch between motion and tranquillity. Everybody will want to join the fun, and everybody can. With the option of avoiding direct sunlight or splashing water, for companies of two to ten people. This is exactly what we designed this energetic all-rounder with spacious seating for. It offers unparalleled stability. The 180 hp engine makes the 880 easy to control and the engine’s quick response takes care of everything else.   

Zinder880. The boat with...

Length 8,82 m
Width 2,53 m
Depth 0,76 m
Clearance height 1,75 m
Diesel engine 195, 100 en 29 Turbodiesel Yanmar
Persons Maximaal 10
Max. sailing speed 50 km/uur, met 4 personen en belading
CE-category C
Steering position Achterin
Standard Zwemplateau, boegschroef, koelkast, watervoorziening, zonnebed, verzonken Flexiteek

As matt as you can be

A Zinder is flawless. Mainly because we’ve thought very carefully about materials, design & functionality. This is a boat according to our plan, but we’re convinced that you’ll have valuable insights of your own. That’s why we’ve created the possibility to dress up your Zinder by choosing one of our 16 matt lacquers. They’re quite special, as we custom-created them, just like the choice of pre-sets we designed especially for you.   

  • Constantly solid

    Whether going fast or taking it easy, together or alone, the 880 is rock-solid. It makes jumping a board, braving powerful winds or racing across the water better than ever…  

  • Unique helmsman position

    The choice to position the steering wheel in the back of the boat is a conscious one. You see, we believe navigating & talking go together just fine.

  • Easy to navigate

    Don’t care for direct sunlight or water splashes? Thanks to spacious seating under the sprayhood these inconveniences are easily avoided. When you take the sprayhood down, even the lowest bridge won’t present an obstacle.