The clean, functional design offers tranquillity, and this is what you get when you are under way. Anything is possible - from a families outing to a day touring with friends. With the helmsman's position located to the aft of the boat, the helmsman can also enjoy the on-board atmosphere while minding the helm. Rest from the sun or avoid splashing? There is plenty of seating under the dodger. With the dodger canopy down, it is even possible to sail under the lowest canal bridges.

Zinders are stable under all circumstances.

Whether you travel as a couple, or as a group of ten. This is true when you are embarking from the jetty, travelling on open water with a strong breeze or at full throttle around the lake. The engine reacts to the electronic controls immediately and RPM control is smooth and supple.

The brute power of the 180HP engine is easy to keep under control, which is always reassuring.

Matt. Certainly not tame

We have already established the authentic appearance of Zinder: the matt paint and the super-clean, minimalist lines are our trademark. But what you may not know is that further styling can be carried out by you.

A top-stylist has put together a handy styling case that you can take home and enjoy in the evening.

Simplicity is beauty.

Are you also able to appreciate design that is simply, just right? To the point that you feel that everything has been thoroughly thought through. The helmsman’s position located to the aft of the boat for example, this is a conscious choice. This allows you to enjoy the atmosphere on board while minding the helm.

It’s great if form can follow function, this means that everything will be in just the right place. You too.

Clever design

The Zinder 880 is designed to fit perfectly on a trailer. This means you can transport your Zinder 880 easily from your home port to your vacation spot, even to a beautiful destination by the Mediterranean Sea.

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Specifications Zinder880

Length 8,82 m
Width 2,51 m
Draft 0,79 m
Vertical clearance 1,18 m
Diesel motor 180 pk Turbodiesel Yanmar
Occupants Max. 10
Max. speed 50kph, with 4 occupants and load
CE category  C
Helm To the aft
Standaard Integrated swimming platform Bow thruster Water supply Sun lounger Sunken Flexiteek and much more.
Zinder880 CAD

Yachting Company Muiderzand
Official distributor Zinder Boats

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1361 AC  Almere
The Netherlands

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