Laatste Nieuws

Zinder990 – coming soon!
  • 770

    A sporty
    day tourer

    The boat for daily use and rapid movement. Making you feel the water, functional at all times.

  • 880

    A stylish

    More space, more people, more boat. The ultimate experience for those who like to switch between motion and tranquillity.

  • 990

    A dynamic

    An innovator with a large centre and a steering wheel in the middle. Straight lines, a boat born of good sense.

  • Solid,
    straight through
    the waves

    A boat constructed out of love. Unbreakable and low-maintenance. No detail goes unnoticed, it’s the ultimate in handicraft. That’s Zinder, every inch craftsmanship.

  • Easy,
    just navigate

    Once a Zinder, always a Zinder. Because on these boats, fun & convenience go hand in hand. So as long as you own one, all you’ve got to do is sail. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Grip,
    plenty of motion

    Grip on the boat means grip on water. You’ll be sailing rapidly across lakes, and moving easily through narrow canals. Because being at ease on water starts with a good boat. Trying is knowing