• Modesty to the highest standard

    Every inch a boat: carefully built with a keen eye for detail, this is the ultimate in craftsmanship. From rubbing strake to bow thruster, from railing to grab handles, all in rock-solid aluminium. This is modesty to the highest standard, Dutch Design in the truest sense. By favouring short lines of communication and keeping it simple we’re able to do what we’ve always done: building boats with heart.

  • Dutch Design

    The Netherlands and water are clearly one. This goes to explain why Dutch boats are of such high quality. It’s a tradition that we honour with genuine love of sailing and functional design. Which is why no Zinder leaves our yard until all materials, colours, design and functionality are in complete harmony. These are quality boats of hand-made Dutch Design.

Making of
the Zinder 770

Pure & reduced to the max
Here’s a brief Zinder recap…

  • As matt as it gets
  • Timeless charm, spot-on  
  • Built to the highest standard
  • Modest, yet prominent  
  • Solid, straight through the waves
  • Magnificent on the outside, secure within
  • Easy to control, highly dynamic
  • Suitable for the world, made in the Netherlands
  • State-of-the-art materials, good old craftsmanship
  • Priceless enjoyment, economical sailing