As sporty day tourer

The boat for daily use and rapid movement. Making you feel the water, functional at all times. Moving smoothly through the waves, it’s like fire on water.
An impressive combination of efficiency & design. An easy-to-use boat: open the hood, hop on, relax. Compactness makes it particularly suitable for trailers.  

Zinder770. The boat with...

Length 7,79 m
Width 2,40 m
Depth 0,80 m
Clearance height 1,75 m
Diesel engine 110 or 19 pk Turbodiesel Yanmar
Persons Maximum 10
Max. sailing speed 40 km/uur, with 4 persons and load
CE-category C
Steering position At the stern
Standard Swimming platform, bow thruster, refrigerator, water supply, sun bed, recessed Flexiteek

As matt as you can be

A Zinder is flawless. Mainly because we’ve thought very carefully about materials, design & functionality. This is a boat according to our plan, but we’re convinced that you’ll have valuable insights of your own. That’s why we’ve created the possibility to dress up your Zinder by choosing one of our 16 matt lacquers. They’re quite special, as we custom-created them, just like the choice of pre-sets we designed especially for you.   

  • Top quality

    An impressive combination of efficiency & design, built out of aluminium with finishing at the highest level: the ultimate quality experience.

  • Flexible & safe

    Feeling relaxed & free has never been more easy. Once you’ve experienced how the 770 glides through water, you’ll never want it any other way. We know the feeling, so we’ve made these boats suitable for trailers.

  • Highest standard

    All our boats are fitted with a Yanmar motor, so they’re easy to navigate. Rapid movement, water skiing or just a calm day on the water: it’s all possible with the 110 hp engine.