The all-new Zinder 990

An innovator with a large centre and a steering wheel in the middle. Straight lines, a boat born of good sense. A hybrid engine that facilitates adventurous travelling. With the 990, we’ve taken it all up a notch. With the classic ‘Bakdekker’ as nautical inspiration, we’ve re-invented ourselves even. The spacious seating makes spending the night on board easier than ever. This boat will literally broaden your horizons. Fancy cruising ‘De Wadden’ or taking a sailing trip from Barcelona to Ibiza? Here comes the sun!

Dutch designed & Built

Design is about more than looks & lines. It is about translating an idea into a design. The idea behind the Zinder 990 is to develop the most versatile 10-metre yacht that will be on the market in 2021.

Uniqueness down to the last detail

Taste is not a matter of dispute. Undisputed is the uniqueness of the Zinder 990. Carried through to the deepest detail. The lines of the side window and the balanced design language catch the connoisseur’s eye. A specially designed Esthec deck with Zinder lines from front to back give the owners the deserved feeling of navigating something special.

Stand, sit, lie down, sleep

The 990’s rear seat can be transformed into a generous sunbed at the push of a button. The middle section can be used as a sitting, standing or even sleeping area. The benches in the middle section and in the cabin can be electrically transformed into spacious beds.

Handmade in aluminium

Nothing comes from a mould or is made of plastic. Everything is handmade from the durable, indestructible, extremely strong aluminium. But where other manufacturers stop when the shell is finished, at Zinde only begins adding the finishing touches. The panoramic view windscreen you see here, for example, is a unique design and experience element of the Zinder 990.

Functional aesthetics

The Zinder 990 has the highest possible finish. But always functional. From built-in bathing ladder to 3 fridges, from the extremely strong Zinder cup holders in solid aluminium to endless beautiful details like the crafted doors or the refined upholstery that make the difference.

Try touching it

The feel of a Zinder is unique. Deliberately touch the handcrafted steering wheel that matches the deck or stroke the 990 to enjoy not feeling the welds and flush deck finish.

Electric Boogie

You would almost do it for fun. And we admit it; with every new visitor on board you press your touchscreen and show what’s possible: Seats to beds in the middle. Round seat in the cabin to a bed. Table up, table down in the middle. Rear seat and table into sunbeds. Ah, then once more. Just because you can.

A hybrid boat, not just the powering

From front to back, the Zinder 990 has three parts of equal size. Because of the innovative design, the application possibilities are almost endless. Sometimes you want to go away just the two of you. Sometimes with the family. With two families, with a group of friends. A short trip, a long trip. Peaceful and quiet one week. A lot of action the other. No boat finds it more fun and easier to fill in than the Zinder 990.

Zinder 990

Length10,02 m
Width3,15 m
Depth0,95 m
Clearance height1,90 m
EngineHybrid Yanmar ening 150 bhp
PersonsMaximum 12
Sleeping places4 spacious beds
Max. speed30 km/h, with 4 persons and load
Steering positionMiddle secion
StandardAdvanced jettruster, Flexiteek composite deck