A dynamic weekender

An innovator with a large centre and a steering wheel in the middle. Straight lines, a boat born of good sense. A hybrid engine that facilitates adventurous travelling. With the 990, we’ve taken it all up a notch. With the classic ‘Bakdekker’ as nautical inspiration, we’ve re-invented ourselves even. The spacious seating makes spending the night on board easier than ever. This boat will literally broaden your horizons. Fancy cruising ‘De Wadden’ or taking a sailing trip from Barcelona to Ibiza? Here comes the sun!

Zinder impression

Zinder 990. The boat with...

Clearance heigh
Diesel engine
Max. sailing speed
Steering position

As matt as you can be

A Zinder is flawless. Mainly because we’ve thought very carefully about materials, design & functionality. This is a boat according to our plan, but we’re convinced that you’ll have valuable insights of your own. That’s why we’ve created the possibility to dress up your Zinder by choosing one of our 16 matt lacquers. They’re quite special, as we custom-created them, just like the choice of pre-sets we designed especially for you.   


Shaken, not stirred

Careful construction and meticulous craftsmanship deliver exceptional boats. As exceptional boats are also exceptionally durable, they are likely to have several owners over time. If any used Zinder boats become available, you’ll find them at anchor at our exclusive dealer, Yachting Company Muiderzand. Do you need more info or are you interested in a trial run? Then contact us below.